Websites Designed As Part of #FutureEd

Alzheimer's Disease
Reshma Kallumkal (Winter 2014)

Art Integration in the Classroom
Taylor Jacobs (Winter 2014)

Bullying and Higher Education
Tory Rogers and Suzie Hakim (Winter 2014)

The Dream Act
Orlando Meza (Winter 2014)

Humanism in 15th-Century Italian Education
Cameron Sumner (Winter 2014)

The Minds of Little Prodagies
Nicole Taylor (Winter 2014)

Medieval Torture
Annastaisa Guzik (Winter 2014)

Studying Made Easy
Sydnee Miller (Winter 2014)

Technology and Kids
Emily Best (Winter 2014)

What is the Modern Day Paddy West?
Andrew Shaw (Winter 2014)

Art Integration in the Classroom is one of the projects completed as part of the #FutureEd initiative.