Ice-Age Education

Ryan Masters

This discussion is inspired by a Facedbook posting we received from Schoolcraft College history professor Ryan Masters.

"This is what Michigan looked like from space today [January 6, 2014]. We've gone full circle and must live the way of our Ice Age ancestors. We'll return to a society built upon hunting and gathering. A harsh yet comfortable and artistic society built upon long hours of luxury so long as the hunt is successful and the "bacon" is brought home...I'm wondering if there isn't a discussion for Ocelot Scholars based on a comparative examination between our Ice Age ancestors and how we operate in a contemporary society today. What do you think? Ready to make some fire-hardened spears and hunt some Caribou?"

In responding to Professor Masters' posting, we might consider the types of education needed to carry out our roles in the Ice Age — as well as other historical ancestors — to how we operate in contemporary society.

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