Ocelot Scholars grew out the HASTC coordinated #FutureEd initiative and was designed to give students one way to participate in the global discussion on the history and future of higher education. As part of the initiative, students did "activist, purposive history." One of the most important results of the discussion was that students and faculty members were able to collaborate on personal, college-wide, and global levels.

As we reflect on our accomplishments, we have decided to expand our mission from "discussing the history and future of higher education" to "collaborative education with a purpose." Initially, we are focusing on three types of collaboration.

Ocelot Scholars will continue to modify our focus to support quality projects that promote collaborative education with a purpose. Please let us know if you have ideas that will lead to collaborative education with a purpose.


If you have any questions concerning the Ocelot Scholars and their participation in this international discussion, please do not hesitate to contact me.